Top Eleven Myths about Vision

11. Bifocals are for OLD people.

10. All eye exams are vision exams.

9. Vision problems are all genetic and thus are not amendable to therapy.

8. Being athletic demonstrates you have good visual skills.

7. Balance disorders can only be treated by motor and vestibular therapy.

6. School vision screenings are enough.

5. Patching and atropine are the best ways to treat a lazy eye (amblyopia).

4. ADD and ADHD behaviors are only caused by chemical imbalances.

3. Glasses are only used to help a person see clearer.

2. Vision isn’t related to learning.

1. Sight equals vision.

We currently live in a society today that is consistently progressing with technology and making a variety of aspects in life a bit easier. Technology and progress in the medical field has shown how far we have come with the treatments we are able to provide and vision problems that were once left to go untreated.

At Mid-Columbia Vision Source, we provide astounding vision therapy treatments to clients of all ages. We believe in ensuring our clients receive essential vision therapy in order to remedy their vision problems. In addition to the services that we provide, we also tend to clients that have learning disabilities as well. The two (vision therapy and learning disabilities) work hand in hand with each other.

Some of our new clients are completely new to vision therapy programs and we have absolutely no problem answering any questions you may have. So what is vision therapy? Vision therapy is a progressive program that tends to the problems involving an individual’s vision and eye problems.

What we offer as solutions to our clients are successful exercises/procedures that remedy the current problem. When we refer to “exercises” as one of the solutions we utilize, this does not necessarily mean we are trying to strengthen your eye muscles specifically. These types of exercise for your eyes are meant to assist in improving your vision, as your eyes are already strong as is.

Our clients trust us with providing them non-surgical treatment for their eyes and brain capabilities. Vision therapy is utilized for a variety of common visual problems such as (but not limited to) double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eye, learning/reading disabilities, and convergence insufficiency.

It is important to note that all cases are not the same, therefore each case is taken on an individual basis. There are a variety of methods that a professional doctor can suggest to our clients. We have created a general blueprint that we believe is successful and provides the best results for our clients. We typically provide sessions between 30 minutes to 1 hour once or twice a week. This program will be supervised under a doctor at all times to ensure proper measures are being taken.

Would you like to contact our team for more information and setup a consultation meeting? We have a team of dedicated staff members that are readily available to assist you with any questions and/or concerns that you may have. We are currently located at The Dalles, OR and we recommend that you stop by at your discretion. When you decide to setup a consultation meeting, we will be able to show you more information and photos in regards to how the procedures work.